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pKNyX (python KNX framework) is a free python framework dedicated to build KNX simple and robust applications, in order to extend KNX installations, by adding some simple rules or complete virtual devices. Other technologies can be used by the way of plugins.

pKNyX is entirely written in python, so should run on any plateform running a python interpreter. I use an ALIX board with a debian-for-alix distro, but a Raspberry Pi is also a very good choice.

pKNyX is not a commercial project, and is not KNX certified: I develop it on my free time, because it is fun. So, I don't make support for professional usage. This does not mean that it can't be used by pros, but be aware that things can go wrong, and neither my responsibility nor KNX association one can be engaged is such case.

Do not confuse with pyknx, which is a binding for linknx written by Cyrille Defranoux.

The pKNyX team

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Latest news

  • 2017-02: github -> framagit migration
  • 2016-02: first stable release (1.0.0)
  • 2014-03: new dev. release (0.9.3)
  • 2013-12: svn -> git migration
  • 2013-08: added a little tutorial
  • 2013-08: first working (dev) release
  • 2013-05: creation of web site


All pknyx files and documents are released under GPL.



Applications (devices) using pKNyX

Here are some applications based on pKNyX:

Other applications related to pKNyX


See this page.

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Main developement

  • Frédéric <fma at pknyx dot org>



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